Guide to Cooking with CBD Oil

The Complete Guide to Cooking with CBD Oil

If you like to get spicy when it comes to cooking but you also love and enjoy the benefits of CBD.. Hard life right?, Jokes! Check this out... 

There's no more need to experiment and find the perfect balance between flavours! Today we are going to go over CBD-infused cuisine. Cooking with CBD oil might come across as a "ew" for some but a "Yummy!" to others, but guess what? it's a lot easier than you might think now. Incorporating CBD into your favourite dishes isn’t just easy but its creating the balance lifestyle people and yourself love.

Getting Started: The Basics of Cooking with CBD Oil's

  • Choose a High-Quality CBD Oil

First things first. Quality is everything when it comes to using CBD oil in food's. Unfortunately, not all CBD oil is created equal. When choosing a CBD oil for cooking, only use CBD oils made by transparent companies that offer third-party lab test results like ourself.

A delicious meal requires 1) Love 2) Quality Ingredients. If you’re 100% about cooking up a storm with CBD oil then choosing high-quality CBD oil is the first step.

  • Blend CBD with a Carrier that Contains Fat

CBD must be blended with some kind of carrier that contains fat before its used for cooking. This helps increase bioavailability and ensure the oil is distributed evenly throughout the entire dish.

Before adding CBD to your recipe, make sure it is infused in butter, ghee, coconut oil or another fat or oil-based carrier.

  • Don’t Use High Heat

While temperature is important when cooking with any oil, it’s especially important to keep in mind when cooking with CBD oil. Why? At high temperatures, the active compounds in CBD oil burn off. Not only are you losing CBD but also other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

What’s the best temp to cook CBD oil? Try not to exceed 162.77 celsius. Higher temperatures will cause the active compounds in CBD oil to deteriorate. Overheating CBD oil can also result in a somewhat bitter taste, which isn’t usually what you’re looking for when it comes to cooking.

  • Keep Your Serving Size in Mind

If you’re new to cooking with CBD oil, you might be tempted to add more than you really need. You’ll want to be mindful of the amount you’re using, however, as it can affect both the recipe and the taste of your dish.

Less is more when it comes to cooking with CBD, at least when you’re just getting the basics down. Once you’ve experienced a bit, you can add more if you feel it would be fitting for your recipe and offer the desired effects.

  • Stir (Very) Well

When incorporating CBD into your favorite dishes, don’t forget to stir and stir again. Just when you think you’re done stirring, stir a little more. Doing so ensures that your CBD is incorporated well throughout the entire dish, offering a well-balanced serving of CBD in each and every bite.


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