Reports Of CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety

Can you use Hemp CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety? 

In recent years, CBD oil has become a widely favoured remedy for anxiety. Individuals take CBD oil to soothe their everyday worries, others use it to treat serious conditions.

A growing number of companies have begun selling supplements, salves, and other products made with CBD oil, due to this it is always good to make sure you lookout for the top 5 things to look for when buying CBD oil worldwide. 


In 2017, an estimated 284 million people around the world reported suffering from anxiety disorders. Out of everyone you know, one in ten people will either be diagnosed with a mental health disorder or might have a mental health disorder but it has not been properly diagnosed. Anxiety has passed depression making it the most common mental health disorder. Many of these suffers are commonly prescribed treatments, treatments have been reported to come with many side-effects. Nowadays people are turning to CBD products to treat their mental health disorders especially all-natural ones!

CBD might just work

41% of cannabis users were reported to swap their anti-anxiety medications for cannabis in a survey conducted in 2017, with 40% saying that CBD was more effective in relieving medical conditions like anxiety.

Most people with anxiety fail to seek the right treatment due to the cost, time and even mental state. 

An average person working minimum wage suffering from anxiety may have to spend up to $500 just for a couple of sessions depending on who you seek out to on top of that the medication costs.

Safe Consumption/ Buying 

However, due to some brands using CBD containing THC it has been previously deemed unsafe by health regulators because of its psychotropic cannabis counterpart – THC – the compound that creates a ‘high’ effect. (illegal) Luckily, extensive research has helped undermine these previous stereotypes regarding cannabidiol and CBD and proved that it could provide therapeutic benefits to patients without the THC (“high Effect”)

In the last couple of years, a fair few countries have started to adopt Hemp CBD-based medications to treat several conditions. You can also get a medical cannabis license to buy CBD products from an authorised licensed vendor for products containing the drug THC, people use the THC compound for other conditions that have been found more beneficial as a treatment. 



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