About Our Sister Product Range & Our Goals

100% Pure Hemp is the main distributor for 100% Pure CBD products. Due to the regulation in Australia with CBD we warn you to look into laws in your state before buying as we take no responsibility for your buying actions as everyone is free to do what they want, CBD is sent out by our Canadian division.

100% Pure CBD & CannaPet CBD are one of the industries leaders in CBD quality, enhancement and innovation. Not only do we ensure the highest possible standards of ingredient quality and safety through multiple levels of transparent third-party testing. Our nano-formulation and bio-enhancement processes ensure that you are receiving the most potent, bioavailable and effective CBD products available.


Alright then... What's all this Nano-formulation stuff?

Well in simple terms our Nano-formulation CBD molecules range from 50-100 nanometers in size, roughly 1000 times smaller than regular CBD crystals.

Nano-formulation CBD molecule makes it up to 100 times more bioavailable than competing CBD products that are not nano-particulate. This means a much higher absorption rate in the body resulting in more efficient and effective results using less product. In comparison, much of the effective ingredient in other non-nanoparticle CBD products are rendered ineffective as it is denatured in the stomach, liver or intestines before absorption can occur.